2024 Microwave Ovens Prices in Pakistan

Panasonic, Orient, Haier, LG, Samsung, Waves and Dawlance are among the towering figures of microwave oven industry in Pakistan. If you look at Panasonic, the inverter technology and up to 27 liter storage capacity make it marvelous. The compact and diversely featured Orient's microwaves facilitate your cooking experience with multiple cooking levels, ranging from 5 to 11. With special cavity design, the Haier microwave ovens not only save you energy but also give you an ECO life. LG, on the other hand, is offering you multi-function ovens, convection ovens and SolarDom ovens with sleek & intuitive design and endless cooking possibilities. So far as Samsung brand is concerned, the solo microwave ovens come with simplified One Touch Sensor cooking, rapid defrosting mechanism and triple power distribution system. Along with the multi-wave technology, the Waves' microwaves bring you fast cooking experience with digital control and other international standard features. Likewise, Dawlance is also facilitating the households with cutting-edge technology and affordable microwave oven prices in Pakistan.